AMD Unlocks Innovation Hub in India: A New Era of Semiconductor Advancement

AMD has proudly announced the inauguration of its largest global research and development center, which opened its doors on November 28, 2023, in India. The opening ceremony was graced by government officials and Mark Papermaster, AMD’s Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. The AMD Technostar Research and Development Park in Bangalore represents a segment of AMD’s $400 million investment in the region.

Spanning approximately 500,000 square feet, this research center is set to recruit 3,000 engineers in the coming years, the majority of whom will be local Indian professionals. As a catalyst for regional technological advancement, this new facility will undertake projects involving CPUs, GPUs, SoCs, and FPGAs, encompassing a wide array of applications including personal computing, data centers, and embedded systems.

Numerous large tech corporations and startups have recently emphasized India’s potential to emerge as the next global hub for technology. Supported by the government’s extensive incentives, favorable tax policies, and relatively affordable labor costs, many companies have established research and development facilities in India, transforming it into a frontier for technological innovation. The Technostar park is a testament to AMD’s commitment to propel India’s semiconductor growth, focusing on innovations that offer more efficient computing to its clients.

Mark Papermaster expressed his exhilaration at unveiling AMD’s largest global design center in Bangalore, a move set to drive the technical and product development of AMD’s product portfolio, thereby providing AMD’s global clientele with the next generation of high-performance, adaptive, and artificial intelligence computing solutions.