AI & 5G Boost: Samsung Chips Get Yokohama Makeover for Next-Gen Speed

In recent years, the emphasis on packaging and testing facilities in the semiconductor industry has notably intensified, with deeper technical research being undertaken. To meet the manufacturing demands of the next generation of chips, many foundries are accelerating the development of advanced facilities and intensifying their technological research, with investment scales growing considerably.

Samsung's SoC Spending

As per a report by Business Korea, Samsung plans to establish an advanced semiconductor packaging research and development base in Yokohama, Japan. This initiative aims to enhance chip performance through 3D stacking and focus research on semiconductor packaging technologies for artificial intelligence and 5G networks.

Samsung’s decision to establish this cutting-edge packaging research center in Japan is strategically linked to supply chain collaboration. The company is currently developing advanced semiconductor technologies in cooperation with Japanese material and equipment firms, including Tokyo Electron (TEL), Canon, TDK, and Murata Manufacturing. Additionally, Samsung intends to employ over 100 semiconductor experts in the region by the end of 2027.

Initially, Samsung planned to invest 30 billion Japanese Yen. However, following active persuasion and increased subsidy promises by the Japanese government, Samsung raised its investment to 40 billion Yen, with government subsidies accounting for half of this amount, reaching 20 billion Yen. The Japanese government hopes that Samsung’s investment will attract more foreign investment, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of Japan’s semiconductor industry.