Chrome Gets Tougher & Thriftier: New Update Boosts Security & Saves Memory

Google recently upgraded its Chrome browser to enhance its security checks and memory-saving features. Additionally, it introduced the option to save multiple browsing tabs in groups.

The updated security check function allows the system to proactively check the safety of visited web pages in the background. This includes checking for password leaks stored in Chrome, risks in extensions used, upgrading to the latest Chrome version, and addressing access permission issues on visited websites.

Furthermore, Chrome will automatically revoke access permissions to location, microphone, or camera for websites not visited for a long time, and will alert users when browsing less frequently visited web pages.

The memory-saving feature now releases memory from less active tabs and displays memory usage when hovering over a specific tab. It even shows the amount of memory saved when a tab is inactive. Users can also designate specific tabs for reduced memory usage.

For those who open multiple tabs simultaneously, the new Chrome browser version allows saving certain tabs in groups and restoring their last browsing state upon reopening.

This new Chrome update is expected to be released soon, with the multi-tab group saving feature following in the coming weeks.