ADATA releases XPG CASTER series DDR5 memory

ADATA announced the launch of the XPG CASTER series of DDR5 memory. This series of DDR5 memory will be divided into the CASTER RGB series with RGB lighting effects and the CASTER series without RGB lighting effects. ADATA said that through the power management IC (PMIC) and the built-in on-die ECC debugging mechanism, it can create a more stable circuit, and rely on its own functions to repair the DRAM unit so that the memory has higher stability and reliability.

XPG CASTER series DDR5 memory adopts rigid lines in appearance design, with gray color, and triangular RGB light strips, which are very tough, exude a metallic texture and present a futuristic style. Users can set the RGB lighting effects by themselves through the RGB control software of the main motherboard brands, also choose different display effects, including static, breathing, and flashing, etc., and even choose the music mode to synchronize with your favorite songs to create your own light mode.

According to ADATA’s introduction, XPG CASTER series DDR5 memory supports Intel XMP 3.0, making memory overclocking very easy, allowing users to avoid cumbersome BIOS settings and try various overclocking parameter adjustments. XPG CASTER series DDR5 memory can reach a frequency of up to 7000MHz, which is more than twice the frequency of ordinary DDR4 memory. ADATA said it will launch XPG HUNTER DDR5 memory later this year, which is the successor to XPG HUNTER DDR4, and will have a new heat dissipation design, starting from 5200MHz.