Acer TravelMate P614-53 equipped with i5-1350P appears on Geekbench

CES 2023 will officially open in a few days. According to previous news, Intel will launch more Raptor Lake processors on January 3, 2023, including the 13th generation Core processors and B760 and H770 chipsets for desktop and mobile platforms. Notebook manufacturers will test related models before the new processor is officially released. Recently, Geekbench leaked Acer’s new notebook, which is equipped with a Core i5-1350P processor.

The notebook model is Acer TravelMate P614-53. The notebook is pre-installed with Windows 11 Pro and equipped with 16GB of memory. It can be seen from the picture that the Core i5-1350P is a 12-core and 16-thread design, with 4 P-Cores and 8 E-Cores, in a BGA package, with a base frequency of 1.9GHz, an acceleration frequency of 4.7GHz, and an L2 cache of 2.5MB and an L3 cache of 12MB.

The previous generation Core i5-1250P also has 4 P-Cores, and 8 E-Cores, the P-Core acceleration frequency is 4.4GHz, the E-Core acceleration frequency is 3.3GHz, and the L3 cache is 12MB. Compared with Core i5-1250P, the P-Core acceleration frequency of Core i5-1350P has increased by 0.3GHz, and other aspects have changed little. In the Geekbench 5.4.6 benchmark, the Core i5-1350P has a single-core score of 1686 points and a multi-core score of 8980 points. Compared with the Core i5-1250P, the single-core score has increased by 8.8%, and the multi-core score has increased by 4.6%.