Acer showcases the Predator ARC A770 graphics card

Intel has confirmed that the ARC A770 and ARC A750 graphics cards will be released on October 12, 2022, and also announced the complete pricing of the ARC A7 series. The ARC A750 is $289, the ARC A770 8GB version is $329, and the ARC A770 16GB version is $349.

Intel graphics partners such as GUNNIR and ASRock have already showcased a number of products at the “Intel Innovation” summit. As the release time approaches, Intel’s OEM partners can’t wait to start showing their products, Acer officially confirmed that there will be a customized version of the Predator series ARC A770 graphics card, named “Predator BiFrost”.

Image: PredatorGaming

Acer’s Predator ARC A770 graphics card is 2.2 or 2.5 slot thickness, equipped with dual 8Pin external power supply interfaces, and the frequency should be higher than the public version. It uses a dual-fan cooling system, but it is not the same as the general dual-fan configuration. It seems that one is a turbo type and an open hybrid structure, which should be the first time such a cooling solution has appeared.

Acer will join GUNNIR, ASRock, and MSI as the first Intel Sharp graphics partners.