A number of Microsoft network services are inaccessible due to DNS system failure

Please don’t worry if you are accessing Microsoft services now and there is a problem. This is not your problem but a problem with the Microsoft server and infrastructure causing the exception.

Microsoft has confirmed that many of the company’s network services are malfunctioning, including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Xbox, and Bing Search.

According to Microsoft’s explanation, the failure seems to be caused by a problem with the network infrastructure, so the problem directly affects users in all regions of the world to access Microsoft services.

Microsoft stated in the announcement that the cause of the failure should be the interruption of the DNS service, but the company found a surge in traffic to its DNS servers.

As a countermeasure, Microsoft has switched its service to resilient DNS to ease the surge in traffic. It is not clear why the surge in DNS traffic occurred.

Microsoft stated that the company is currently investigating this issue, and the enterprise administrators related to related failures can also track the investigation report of this incident in the management center.

The most severely affected should be the Microsoft Teams service. According to netizens’ feedback, the service is almost unusable and therefore unable to receive and send messages normally.

Secondly, the Microsoft 365 series of online services, including Skype, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, etc., also experienced intermittent interruptions that affected normal use.

Microsoft game services, search engines, and email systems are also affected, but the number of users reporting problems after Microsoft has deployed mitigation measures has gradually decreased.

Microsoft said that if the user’s current access still fails, he can wait for a while, and normal access can be restored after the system is alleviated and refreshed to all nodes in the world.