A New Source Of Energy: Lithium-Ion Battery

A new source of energy that is becoming common in use in our day to day products. Right from the mobile in your hand to the source of storing solar energy, lithium batteries have come up a way forward, changing our lifestyle. The common use of new energy with lithium batteries is done by mobile manufacturing companies.

From a small smartphone battery to the large battery that is used in our appliances, lithium battery has proved their power in the market.

What is a lithium-ion battery?

Made up of four different components naming, anode, cathode, separator, and electrolyte, a lithium battery is used in powering in from your smartwatch to a large SUV car. The cathode used in the battery is highly useful in determining the characteristics of the battery. For deciding the voltage and capacity of the battery is determined by the type of material coated on the cathode. In the case of a lithium battery, this active material contains lithium ions. To not compromise the safety of the battery, a battery uses a separator to separate the cathode from the anode to maintain the current flow.

Where does a lithium-ion battery is used?

Being highly available in each and every size, lithium-ion batteries are used on a large scale no matter what the size of the product is, lithium batteries are made in every possible size from the smallest battery in your phone to the largest in a truck.

The lithium-ion battery like Samsung 25r or LG HG2 has served the purpose of power solutions to many of the products.

  • Used in power banks
  • Used in mobile, laptops, and tablets
  • Solar energy storage
  • Car battery
  • Various energy storage systems.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Lithium batteries have emerged as a great source of the power supply using lithium-ion batteries in your inverter battery. Have you suffered a power loss in your area? But having a lithium battery will save you from complete darkness at your home. These inverter batteries are high in use in a household being lithium battery use can increase the battery backup.

Dependable source of energy

Traveling in long journeys in your RV or by your car, you require some extra source of energy on which you can completely depend upon. Being a lithium power battery is a long-lasting and reliable source of energy that can be used for your RV and Car travel. Because of its compact sizes, it becomes easy to travel, taking a lithium-ion battery with you. The new energy with lithium batteries has made the traveling fun, and the person doesn’t get a lack of power supply using them.

Battery and the marine uses

Being involved in a marine-related business is not an easy task. Your battery may react with water, and you may get into some trouble. You might don’t want your motorboat to start after a long day of the boat ride. Lithium batteries being a power pack of energy, are highly reliable and may never disappoint you mid of the day.

Used as storage for solar energy

The use of solar energy has increased a lot since the year 2013-14 by which solar energy is highly used not only for a household but also for the factories and outlets. Sun is shining at their most in the desert areas, a lithium battery is a good source of storing the solar energy for a longer period of time.

These batteries are good for recharging purposes and come to their full power once charged fully. Lithium batteries have the maximum potential to cope-up with today’s world. The new energy with lithium batteries is proving to be the best invention of the time.