September 22, 2020

7 Factors To Consider When Hiring A Private Investigator

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So you have now decided that enough is enough, and you want to unravel some things that have been troubling you for long. Do you suspect that you lose a lot of money through shady deals done by your employees? You could also be suspecting that your partner is cheating, but you don’t know how to confront him or her. Hiring a private is an option that will help you get peace of mind. The following are some of the factors to consider when hiring a private investigator

Methods and the nature of the equipment to use

Private investigators use a variety of tools such as those at Spycentre to help their clients know the truth. There are varying tasks that PIs can handle. Some will just require observation while some may require sophisticated equipment to get the desired results. You can ask the investigator about the methodology that he or she will apply for your case. However, he or she may fail to highlight all the methodologies, but you should at least have some basic idea. The methods and equipment used should also be acceptable in your country. It won’t be of any help when you gather data that you cannot use in a court of law.

Certification and licensing

Not everyone can perform such a demanding task. Laws governing private investigators differ from one country to the other. You must thus research on what applies in your country based on the specific area you want to investigate. A license indicates that the potential PI understands the laid down protocols and their position. A genuine firm will showcase all the certifications and licenses that it has acquired over time. There are also professional bodies for private investigators that admit new members who have met certain qualifications.

Services offered

What do you do after you discover that your employees have been stealing from you? You need to know your role and responsibilities and those of the private investigator. Some firms will be involved in only fact-finding and generate a report for you. Others can advise on the way forward once you unravel the truth. You may also get some private investigators that will help you prosecute those you find wrong. The target company should let you know the range of services that they offer and what is expected of you. The choice of the company will depend on how you intend to use the information that you gather. For instance, if you intend to fire those who steal from you, then you can hire a company for fact-finding only. However, if you intend to prosecute and make those who wrong you pay, then get a company with some legal services as well.

Experience matters

Investigations can be daunting. You want to unravel the truth without blowing the cover. Only hire someone who is experienced in this area if you want to increase the chances of getting to the bottom of the matter. Gauge the portfolio of the target PI before you hire him or her for the work. You may not get the exact specifics of the work they have completed in the past, but at least you should get some highlights. The experience should also be relevant to the task at hand. For instance, you may be looking for someone to investigate fraud from areas such as email compromise, whereas the potential PI has only dealt with cheating spouses. Some tasks may require training in areas such as the military, which the investigator can include in their CV. Some will require a background in law, which ensures that you are on the good side of the law.


Type of reports

The end goal of hiring a private investigator is to know the truth. The information gathered should be packaged in such a way that you can deduce some truth. For instance, if you have been suspecting theft from your employees, then video footage or photos may serve as evidence. If you suspect that your partner is cheating, then the same can also apply. Some incidents may lead to the court process. The private investigator will thus be required to provide evidence that can be used to press charges. Reports presented in digital form should observe the existing cybersecurity laws. Determining the type of reports that the investigator generates will determine whether your needs will be satisfied or not.


Messing up a private investigation can come with dire consequences. You may get a hard time trying to mend some relationships after a botched investigation. How do you face your business partners after they realize that you have been investigating them, and you do not have any evidence? It would be best if you thus had an assurance that the company you choose delivers. Reviews from past customers can highlight if the target companies are up to the task or not. You can also check expert reviews as they check different parameters to rate various providers.

Customer service

The type of task you assign to a private investigator will determine the level of interaction that you will have. Some need you to work closely with the private investigator. In other cases, the private investigator will work independently until he or she gathers all the information needed. Communication matters a lot when it comes to private investigations. The first interaction that you have with the PI will indicate if he or she is a good communicator or not. You should also be ready to provide crucial information that will help in the investigation. There should be clear modes of communication where both parties relay messages concerning the task at hand. You should also agree on the mediums of communication that you will be using during the investigative period. Ensure that you only choose someone who is a good communicator.

The world has both good and bad people. Finding out the people that may be pulling you back in this life can help you improve. A private investigator can help overcome some challenges by unraveling the truth. You can thus make better decisions and also disassociate with dishonest people from your circles.