September 23, 2020

5 Tips for Pairing Statement Earrings

3 min read

Statement earrings are fashionable among women of all ages. Wearing these elegant earrings can give you an elegant look which makes you stand out from the crowd. A wide range of statement earrings variety is available online. Selecting your perfect statement earring can be a difficult task. Below are some of the pointers that you should consider before making your purchase:

Pair Multiple Colors

An elegant looking dress along with beautiful looking earrings can provide you with a natural outlook. White color or black color can be ideal for you. Solid color dresses and tops work perfectly with multicolor statement earrings. Blue, green, red, and yellow color statement earrings are best suited with a black or white dress.

Colour contrast can also work correctly for you as well. You can experiment with a different color combination for finding the combination that best suits you.  If your hair color is brown, a lighter shade of brown will be best suited for statement earrings. A lighter and darker shade combination will be ideal for you.

Pair with Shoes Color and Belt Color

You do not need to watch every piece of your outfit with statement earrings. Although coordinating your colors with accessories like shoes and belts can be ideal. It will help you in giving yourself a perfect outlook. Also, you will be able to create a perfect combination of contrast colors. A right combination of contrast colors looks good on the eyes. A gold or yellow earring with a yellow belt or gold belt can be a perfect combination for you.

Hair Color

You need to select the statement earrings color that is identical to hair. It will help you in maintaining your natural face shape. Different types of statement earrings are available online on earrings store. The earrings are available for all types of women irrespective of their age. On Icecarats store, earrings for mothers are quite popular among the audiences. Women prefer buying earrings for Mother’s Day events and parties.

You can select from a wide range of colorful earrings that are available online. Also, note that using contrasting colors with your earrings is a good option.

Select Right Materials

You need to select the right accessories which look good with your outfit and earrings. Wearing elegant looking glasses, precious metals, and resin is a perfect choice. Although, you need to select the color carefully so that your outfit provides the right balance to your personality. Apart from it, a wristwatch is also a good option that adds flair to your outfit.

Try Experiment

You can experiment with different color combinations and accessories to give yourself a perfect appearance. Every person has a unique personality. Your outfit, earrings, and accessories should match your personality. Do not try to copy the style of others as it might not be suited for you. You can also take the suggestion of your friends in picking the right statement earrings. There are no strict rules for picking statement earrings. Every individual has different preferences, likes, and dislikes. You need to select the earrings that are best suited for you.

Explore different options so that you get a fair idea about the outfit and earrings that are best suited for you. Also, consider your skin complexion and hair color in selecting the perfect earrings that go along nicely with your dress. Wearing a stylish earring can give you an edge over others. You need to understand your personality and style. It will help you in buying the perfect statement earrings for your needs.