360 Group works with Mercedes-Benz to fix 19 detected possible vulnerabilities within the Mercedes-Benz connected vehicle

360 Group cooperated with Mercedes-Benz and fixed 19 related potential vulnerabilities in Mercedes-Benz intelligent connected cars. It is reported that this is the first technology company partner selected by Mercedes-Benz worldwide.

The Sky-Go Team from 360 Group believes: “As a team focused on the research of car IT security, ensuring car security and user safety is the primary goal of our team. We hope to work with car manufacturers to improve the security capabilities of connected cars, protect the interests of users and manufacturers from attacker“, said Minrui Yan, Head of Security Research from Sky-Go Team.

Proactive identification of vulnerabilities is essential to protect the data of our customers and their vehicles. “At Mercedes-Benz we value the expertise of the security community”, said Adi Ofek, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Tel Aviv and holding the mandate for car IT security at Mercedes-Benz. “Therefore, we highly appreciate the knowledge of the Sky-Go team, and the outstanding ability of 360 Cyber Security Brain. Their efforts and passion are a significant contribution to help further secure our vehicles.”

Zhou Hongyi, Chairman and CEO of 360 Group: “This research outcome is a significant application of 360 cyber security brain in the field of vehicle security. In the future, we hope to provide the automotive industry with more comprehensive information security expertise and solutions, to ensure the security of connected vehicles in the era of internet of everything and benefit more car manufacturers and customers.