September 25, 2020

Google will add auto enable/disable dark mode by time period in Android 11

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Google has officially launched night mode in Android 10. The advantage of this mode is that it is more comfortable to use the phone at night and it can also save battery power. Unfortunately, the night mode lacks a key setting in this version. This key setting is to automatically enable the night mode according to the sunrise or sunset time or time period. After all, there is no need to use the night mode during the day, but it is obviously more troublesome for the user to switch manually every day, so Apple supports user-defined time periods in iOS 13.

Android 10

Speaking of the Android system’s night mode time period setting is actually supported during the test, but in the subsequent changes, I do not know why Google removed the feature. The night mode scheduling setting allows the user to specify the time to use the night mode, or according to the sunrise and sunset time settings of the user’s area. So the schedule setting such as time period is actually a very important feature for users, so it is quite disappointing that Google removed this feature in the official version. In fact, Google also revealed part of the reason: the scheduling setting of the night mode needs to request the user’s location to calculate the time, which requires adding a lot of code to the scheduling component.

On Google ’s recent feedback tracking page , Google engineers have confirmed that the company will schedule schedules such as time periods into the official version of Android 11. At that time, users will no longer need to go to the settings every morning and evening to switch, because users can customize the time period for enabling and disabling after supporting the schedule setting. As long as the designated time is reached, night mode can be automatically enabled and automatically turned off at the designated time in the morning.

However, at this stage, users still need to manually turn on or off the night mode. Android 11 is expected to be officially released next fall.