2024 Forecasts a Boom in PC Shipments with AI and Arm Architecture Driving Growth

After seven consecutive quarters of decline, the global PC shipment volume is poised for a resurgence. Stimulated by the holiday season and a peak in consumer demand, market research firm Canalys anticipates a 5% growth in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Looking forward to 2024, it’s projected that the annual PC shipment will reach 267 million units, marking an 8% increase compared to 2023. This growth is largely attributed to the refresh cycle of the Windows operating system, the propulsion of artificial intelligence (AI), and the emergence of devices based on the Arm architecture.

Canalys notes that the global PC market is in a state of revival, with 2024 shipments expected to return to the levels of 2019. The impact of artificial intelligence on the PC industry will be profound, with processor manufacturers, OEMs, and operating system suppliers all focusing on AI-enabled models in 2024. These developments are anticipated to boost market demand, especially in the commercial sector. Moreover, deferred purchases over an extended period are likely to lead to a surge in demand in the commercial domain in 2024.

By 2024, Canalys predicts that PCs equipped with artificial intelligence will comprise approximately 19% of the total shipments. This includes all Mac products equipped with the M series chips, as well as new products emerging in the Windows ecosystem. As increasingly compelling use cases for AI emerge, AI capabilities are becoming an expected feature, with rapid growth in the development and usage of AI-supported PCs.

Current sales channels have a positive outlook for the PC business next year. In a survey conducted in November this year, 47% of respondents anticipate a 10% or more increase in PC shipments next year, with small and medium-sized businesses identified as having significant market potential. Furthermore, the coming year will witness an increase in PCs built on Arm architecture, favored in business environments for their power efficiency and battery life.