ZALMAN launches CNPS13X Black CPU cooler

ZALMAN has announced the launch of the CNPS13X Black tower CPU cooler, a strategic extension of their CPU cooler product line. Distinct from their previous offerings, the CNPS13X Black debuts as the company’s first product to feature a lighted-style top plate. ZALMAN, formerly known as ‘Simmian’ and later renamed in Chinese to ‘Zalman,’ is a brand that DIY enthusiasts may be well acquainted with.

According to a TechPowerup report, the CNPS13X Black measures 135 mm x 79 mm x 159 mm (WxDxH) and weighs 810 grams. It boasts an all-black appearance with a stacked aluminum fin structure. The cooler’s center of gravity is subtly shifted to the left to avoid obstructing the memory area, thus enhancing installation compatibility. The CNPS13X Black employs a nickel-plated copper base that contacts the CPU, coupled with five 6mm heat pipes that convey heat to the aluminum fin stack. Heat is then expelled via ZALMAN’s AF120 fan. Utilizing a reverse direct touch heat pipe layout, this design minimizes the gap between the heat source and the pipes, optimizing thermal conductivity.

The ZALMAN AF120 fan, designed to work in tandem with the CNPS13X Black tower CPU cooler, boasts a lifespan of 40,000 hours. It features hydraulic bearings and an impeller design capable of axial airflow guidance. With a 4-pin PWM control, the fan’s speed ranges from 600 to 2000 RPM. Its maximum noise level is 29.7 dBA, with a maximum airflow of 69.12 CFM and a maximum air pressure of 2.01 mmH2O, and it includes a 3-pin RGB lighting control.

ZALMAN has not disclosed the pricing or specific release date for the CNPS13X Black tower CPU cooler.