YMTC Introduces X3-9070 3D NAND Flash: I/O speed up to 2400MT/s

At the 2022 Flash Memory Summit (FMS), YMTC officially released the fourth-generation 3D TLC flash memory chip based on the Xtacking 3.0 architecture, named X3-9070. Compared with the previous generation, the X3-9070 has a higher storage density and faster I/O speed. It is said that the number of stacked layers has exceeded 200 layers.

According to YMTC, the I/O transmission rate of X3-9070 has reached 2400 MT/s, which complies with the ONFI 5.0 specification and has improved performance by 50% compared to the previous generation. Thanks to the Xtacking 3.0 architecture, the X3-9070 has become the flash memory particle with the highest storage density in the history of YMTC and can achieve a storage capacity of 1Tb in a smaller single chip. Using the 6-plane design, the performance is improved by more than 50% compared with the general 4-plane, while the power consumption is reduced by 25%, the energy efficiency ratio is improved, and the cost is lower.

The arrival of YMTC’s patented Xtacking 3.0 architecture is a breakthrough in the 3D NAND scaling race,” said Gregory Wong, Founder and Principal Analyst at Forward Insights. “The advancement of 3D NAND technology is crucial for innovation in the memory market, and as the most advanced flash memory to feature this type of architecture, the YMTC Xtacking 3.0 X3-9070 is a key industry milestone. In the future, hybrid bonding of memory cells and logic circuits is expected to become mainstream.

At present, the Xtacking architecture has undergone iterative development from 1.0 to 3.0, and a number of products have been created based on related technologies, providing SATA III, PCIe 3.0, and PCIe 4.0 SSDs, and bringing storage products such as eMMC and UFS for mobile communications and other embedded applications. At the same time, YMTC has accumulated rich experience in the field of 3D heterogeneous integration and has gradually caught up with industry giants in R&D.