xnldorker: Gather results of dorks across a number of search engines


This is a tool used to run a dork on different search sites. The available sources are currently: DuckDuckGo, Bing, Startpage, Yahoo, Google

IMPORTANT: If you use advanced search operators, be aware that operators that work on some of the sources may not work on others. You may need to use the –sources argument to specify the appropriate sources.

WARNING: If you use this tool a lot, then I guess there is the potential to get blocked on these source sites, so use it sensibly. Using a VPN will help.


pip install git+https://github.com/xnl-h4ck3r/xnldorker.git -v



Google dork


  • Using -v/--verbose is always a good idea when you first start using a tool. It will help you understand what the tool is doing and highlight any potential problems too.
  • If you do mpt need to run silently in the background, I would recommend using the -sb/--show-browser option because you can see what xnldorker is doing (and if it seems to be working ok), plus if there is any known ant-bot detection recognised (currently not for all sources) then you will be notified and have the option to resolve this before xnldorker continues.
  • The number of concurrent sources processed defaults to 2. This can be changed with -cs/--concurrent-sources. If you are running xnldorker on a low spec VPS, it could be worth setting -cs 1. The higher the value of -cs the quicker the tool will be, but may affect the quality and quantity of results.
  • You may want to run different dorks but write to the same output file. If you use the same output file in -o/--output then any results will be appended to that file automatically (and de-duplicated). But if you want to overwrite it every time, you can use the -ow/--overwrite-output argument.
  • Use the --resubmit-without-subs option to resubmit the same search, but with all previously found subs removed from the search (where possible, dependant on the source).
  • If I was looking at a new target, example.com I would start with running the command below. I would use -v to have more insight into what is happening, -sb to show the browsers so that I could respond to ant-bot mechanism if shown, -rwos to resubmit the same search but excluding the subdomains found in the first search, and -o to specify the output file to save the results:

xnldorker -i example.com -v -sb -rwos -o example.com_xnldorker.txt

  • After the previous point, I would consider changing my VPN to s different region and re-run to potentially get different results.

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