Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 will be released on August 10

Tablets were originally an increasing niche market, but last year, affected by the epidemic, everyone had to work from home and take online classes. Tablets have become a hot-selling product. In addition, in recent years, Apple has promoted the definition of tablets as “computers”, so that everyone can follow the trend and promote productivity as a new selling point for tablets. So now there are many more Android tablet options in the market besides iPad, and after two years of absence, Xiaomi finally announced that it will launch the new Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 on August 10th.

Image: Slashleaks

Although there are not many product feature profiles of the new tablet released at present, it is not difficult to know from the posters of the press conference that Xiaomi’s generation of tablets supports a stylus, which seems to be a productivity tool route. And it uses a flat body design similar to the iPad Pro, there is not only one Mi Pad 5, there should be graded products such as Mi Pad 5 and Mi Pad 5 Pro.

Previously, the previous generation of Mi Pad 4 was available in two sizes, large and small, but now almost all manufacturers don’t want to make small-sized tablets, so I’m not sure if Mi Pad 5 will have a small-sized version of about 8 inches. Perhaps more of them are 11-inch and 12-inch large sizes, and there is support for cellular networks. Xiaomi’s new tablet is expected to also use mid-to-high-end chips such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 870. So it can be done with 4G or 5G network support.

Via: indiatoday