Xbox Reboots CPU: Zen 5 Surprise Delays Next-Gen Console!

In September this year, Microsoft was thrust into the spotlight due to its acquisition of Blizzard, unveiling the future product roadmap for the Xbox series. This included specifications for the next-generation Xbox console and its controllers. Recently, a vlogger, RedGamingTech, released a video online stating that the upcoming Xbox console will feature an AMD Ryzen Zen 5 CPU.

The video suggests that the next-generation Xbox console is slated for a 2026 release. At that time, as the Zen architecture CPU will not yet have progressed to its sixth generation, the console is expected to be equipped with an AMD Ryzen Zen 5 CPU, rather than the Zen 6 architecture CPU previously disclosed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The next-generation Xbox console is anticipated to launch before the PS6. According to Wccftech’s analysis, Microsoft aims to establish the new Xbox as the benchmark for next-generation consoles, akin to the Xbox 360. Although the new Xbox might not surpass the PS6 in terms of performance, this strategy could result in a more cost-effective pricing compared to the PS6. Additionally, it would provide Microsoft with the flexibility to introduce an enhanced performance version of the new Xbox in the future. Moreover, Wccftech also mentioned that while there is no concrete information on whether Microsoft will release two different performance versions of the new Xbox, rumors suggest that Microsoft plans to launch a more affordable console focused on cloud gaming. Considering Microsoft’s recent emphasis on developing cloud gaming and Xbox Game Pass services, these rumors seem plausible.

Currently, there is limited information about the next-generation Xbox console. However, if Microsoft indeed plans to launch a new Xbox in the next one to two years, we can expect more news to emerge about this device. Furthermore, information previously disclosed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reveals that the new Xbox console will integrate an NPU (Neural Processing Unit), enabling developers to more efficiently and flexibly create games and applications for the new Xbox platform.