Xbox has launched a green-themed controller

Perhaps due to the arrival of spring and the growth of all things, Microsoft’s Xbox recently announced that they will be releasing a predominantly green controller – Xbox Wireless Controller – Velocity Green. Microsoft refers to its color scheme as “shock blue”. This controller is built on the existing Xbox Series X|S controller, so the triggers, shoulder buttons, and grip surfaces are covered with a large number of anti-slip particles to further enhance the gripping feeling. It also features a new share button and hybrid D-pad borrowed from the Elite controller.

The front shell, three middle function buttons, ABXY button markings, and joysticks of this controller are green, while the back shell and battery cover are kept white, and the D-pad and shoulder buttons and triggers are black, so the overall appearance is not monotonous. It is worth mentioning that Microsoft has also released controllers in the same design with blue, red, yellow, and pink, and with the newly launched green and classic black and white, players have a total of seven controller colors to choose from, which is much more diverse than other brands.

Microsoft Xbox also recommended the Razer charging dock in their blog post, as it features the same color scheme as the controller and is perfect for players who emphasize visual effects. As for the price, the controller is priced at $64.99, and the charging dock is priced at $39.99.