Workforce Research on Cyber ​​Security Industry

Recently, relevant agencies surveyed 3,237 individuals responsible for cybersecurity and described the evolution of the cybersecurity profession over the years. The survey showed that more than half of the respondents (58%) did not work in safety at the beginning. They do this because they are attracted by a constantly evolving field and they like the feeling of constant challenge and problem-solving. According to the Cyber ​​Security Workforce Study, in 2019, nearly two-thirds of cybersecurity professionals (65%) intend to stay in their positions until retirement. Regardless of their starting point, 84% said they have reached their career goals as expected, given the skills and experience they have gained in the industry.

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Due to the high demand for cybersecurity, cybersecurity occupations provide the job security that is difficult to find in most other areas. The study found that there is currently a shortfall of about 4 million professionals in cybersecurity. This finding also highlights the need for organizations to develop more strategies to develop cybersecurity talent.  In this regard, researchers have mentioned that organizations can adopt cross-training strategies, achieve professional development through certification and mentorship, and attract professionals in other disciplines.

The survey also revealed that nearly half of network security professionals (49%) have a good understanding of their ideal career path, and building this confidence requires some effort. With strong training and mentoring, employees can translate these experiences into developing cybersecurity skills.

As a result, the career path of cybersecurity is clearly rewarding, but success requires some help from employers to develop the necessary skills, especially those who have moved from other fields. The current skills shortage of about 4 million people also shows that creating a career in cybersecurity has never been more important.