Windows 11 supports Intel 7th Gen processors

This week, when Microsoft launched Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.168, it also announced the adjustment of hardware requirements.

For example, when the processor used by the user is not supported by Microsoft, the user can still download the Windows 11 image file through a media creation tool and then manually perform the deployment.

It’s just that this method won’t get Microsoft support, which means that you can’t receive new versions or even security updates, but users can still download security updates manually.

However, the situation will be slightly better for some Intel users, because after a large number of user protests, Microsoft now supports multiple Intel Core processors.

Windows 11 upgrade

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft writes:

Based on those findings, we have expanded the list of compatible 64-bit processors to include the following:

It should be noted that 7820HQ can be supported, but the device with this processor must meet the Microsoft DCH driver standard before it can be upgraded.

This processor is actually the one used by Microsoft Surface Studio 2. In the early days, Microsoft even plans to abandon its own-brand devices.

After this wave of new support, this device meets the driver standard and can be upgraded, but other devices equipped with this processor depend on the device manufacturers.

Microsoft has contacted AMD, but in the end, AMD RYZEN 1000 series is still not supported, which may disappoint many Ryzen users.