Windows 11 brings new visual effects to the calculator, mail and calendar applications

In the latest preview version of Windows 11 Dev Build 22000.132, Microsoft has upgraded the Snipping Tool app and replaced the Snip and Sketch application. In addition to the Snipping Tool app, Microsoft has also upgraded the system’s built-in calculator application and mail and calendar applications.

The so-called visual effect upgrade refers to the style of Windows 11, including translucent effects, dark themes, more detailed rounded corners, and shadow borders.

Microsoft said that in addition to the visual effects upgrade, there are some minor adjustments to the functions. Users who have upgraded to the latest version of Windows 11 can experience the latest effects. Microsoft said that the new version of the calculator application works better in Windows 11 dark theme mode.

The calculator application has been open source and currently supports functions including conventional calculations, scientific calculations, unit conversion, trigonometric functions, linear algebra, programmer mode, etc.

Interested users turn on the calculator to see if there are obvious changes in the dark mode. Note that the new version is being rolled out gradually, so not everyone can see the changes.

Mail and calendar applications are also optimized for a dark mode to make the visual experience better. Microsoft said that this update also optimizes and adjusts rounded corners and some functions.