Windows 10X version will be launched next year

After manufacturers in the mobile device field launched foldable devices, manufacturers, and developers in the desktop field are also preparing to launch two-piece foldable devices.

As a software developer, Microsoft is preparing to launch a modular version of Windows 10X, which has extremely high adaptability and supports various types of devices.

Manufacturers such as Intel and Lenovo have launched dual-screen foldable devices, which can be used to drive these dual-screen foldable devices after Windows 10X is released.

For enthusiasts, the Windows 10X version also uses a distinctive interface, so for some enthusiasts, this new version can be said to be quite anticipated.

Windows 10X Surface Go

After the release of the simulator version, Microsoft’s internal attitude towards this version also changed. Originally, this new version was positioned for users’ high-end dual-screen foldable devices.

But in the end, Microsoft decided to downgrade it no longer as key project development, and the positioning of Windows 10X became a lightweight operating system similar to ChromeOS.

Moreover, the launch time of the stable version has been delayed many times, and Microsoft’s development progress cannot keep up, leading manufacturers such as Intel directly to give up on the original plan to launch dual-screen devices.

Lenovo has already launched a similar device but equipped with Windows 10 Professional. Lenovo said at the time that it could remotely upgrade to the Windows 10 X version if the Windows 10 X version is released.

After all, according to the original plan, this version still supports traditional desktop software. Although it runs through the emulator, it can only use the UWP version of the application.

Via: windowslatest