Windows 10X Live Wallpaper features revealed

Windows 10X version has a new live wallpaper feature, which can automatically switch to different wallpapers according to the time of day.

According to the current known news, wallpapers can be provided in different styles according to early morning, morning, noon, afternoon, and evening.

According to the latest news obtained by windowslatest, the actual support of the live wallpaper function is limited. The default wallpaper only has urban scenes and natural landscapes, and all changes are automatic. The system reads the time zone of the user’s location and adjusts it according to time.

Mockup of dynamic wallpaper, via Zac Bowden

Unfortunately, the wallpaper does not support user customization, because these wallpapers are specially designed, and currently, users can only use wallpapers provided by Microsoft.

At the same time, there are many devices supported by Windows 10X itself, and whether to support the use of live wallpapers also depends on the capabilities or performance of the specific device.

In the end, Microsoft also considered opening the live wallpaper feature to allow third-party developers to submit wallpapers to the store, and then provide users with paid downloads in the app store.