Microsoft is recruiting engineers to develop a new File Explorer version for Windows 10/10X

Earlier Microsoft Windows 10X emulator revealed some of the pre-installed apps for this version, of which the traditional File Explorer has disappeared.

In its place is the File Explorer UWP version that Microsoft has been developing but has not been enabled. This version is much weaker than the traditional version in terms of functionality. Due to its weak features, it looks more like an undeveloped product, and even if it is enabled on Windows 10X.

It is interesting to see that Microsoft is recruiting engineers to step up the development of the File Explorer app and strive to bring users a new version by the end of this year.

File manager UWP Windows 10X

A few days ago, Microsoft posted job postings on its LinkedIn platform, a social networking site for the workplace. The main job of these engineers is to be responsible for design, implementation, testing, and monitoring. The main target is the File Explorer app in Windows 10.

Although Microsoft did not disclose whether the file explorer refers to the modern or traditional version, it is conceivable that the traditional version will definitely not receive major improvements.

It is worth noting that Microsoft emphasizes that the new File Explorer’s work covers Windows 10 and Windows 10X, so it must be the modern File Explorer app.

After all, the modern version of File Explorer itself is developed based on the UWP universal platform, so it can also be used on the normal version of Windows 10.