Windows 10’s September 2020 update causes login and performance issues

Not surprisingly, every new cumulative update released by Microsoft always brings new problems. The cumulative update released this time (KB4571756 and KB4574727) has caused some users to encounter login and performance problems.

Login and performance issues have already appeared in previous cumulative updates, and Microsoft also said that it will fix login failures, but it seems that the repair is not complete.

At present, there are still users who may get stuck on the lock screen when logging in, blue screen of death, crashes in the start menu, and significant system performance degradation.

In case of these problems, it is recommended that users directly uninstall the latest installed cumulative update, after all, it may take several weeks or even months to wait for Microsoft to fix it.

These cumulative updates are for Windows 10 v1903/1909/2004, which means that if you use these versions, you may encounter these problems.

From the Microsoft Feedback Center, some users still cannot install the cumulative update normally, and error codes such as 0x8007371c and 8x800f081f appear.

Of course, the inability to install is not a bad thing in general, because you may encounter various problems after installation, including the personal file loss problem.

According to user feedback, this cumulative update has another file loss problem. The system did not restore the user data that was backed up in advance during the upgrade process, resulting in the loss.

In fact, the files are not lost but are stored in some backup directories, but for most users, they don’t know that there is a backup and only think that the files are lost.

The start menu crash is caused by improvements introduced in this cumulative update. In this update, Microsoft adjusted some logic to optimize the experience of hybrid devices, especially touch devices.

This improvement to the start menu seems to be problematic, causing some users to frequently crash the start menu or fail to open directly after installing the cumulative update.


Some users complained that clicking the start menu and operation center buttons directly after installing the update did not respond, and after uninstalling the latest installed cumulative update, these returned to normal.

There are also users who encounter the blue screen of death. However, there are many factors for the blue screen of death. It is not clear whether it is caused by the driver or the system kernel, but it can be restored by uninstalling.

Previously, the cumulative update also brought performance problems, but it seems that Microsoft still did not solve the problem in the latest update.

The login problem is also a frequently unresolved problem recently. Previously, the user login interface was stuck or the user entered the account password and turned around and returned to the lock screen interface.

The login problem this time is not the same as before. Some users said that the system immediately logs out the user after logging in.

There are also users who have recently changed their passwords and can use them normally, but they cannot log in after installing the cumulative update, and they cannot continue to log in even with the previous password.

There is no temporary solution for this kind of strange problem. It is recommended that users directly uninstall the update and resume use if they encounter it, and wait for the follow-up instructions and announcements from Microsoft.

Via: windowslatest