Thu. Aug 13th, 2020

Microsoft may sign the official version of Windows 10 v2004 RTM on December 17

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Earlier, Microsoft has officially announced that the next major version update is called Windows 10 Version 2004 and it is expected to be released next spring. The company did not disclose the specific release time, but there have been media forecasts that this new version will complete all development by the end of this year. At least from the current stage, there are no new features in the major fixes of Windows 10 Insider Preview Version 2004, so the accuracy is rumored to be relatively high.

Windows 10 mapped network drive

DeskModder has more daring guesses about when the official version will be signed. The website says that Microsoft may sign the RTM as early as December 17. The main reason to be able to make this conjecture is that December 25 is Christmas, and from December 17, Microsoft engineers will start the Christmas holidays. Therefore, signing the official version before the Christmas holiday is also a good choice for Microsoft, otherwise, this new version may have to be postponed until next year. The website also predicts that the latest signing time for Microsoft is January 6, 2020, because according to previous rumors, Microsoft will start to release a new official version around this time.