Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

Windows 10 calculator app adds Graphing Mode

1 min read

Microsoft open-source calculator application is actively accepting user feedback including support for graphics drawing functions.

After the efforts of the development team, the feature has finally reached the beta version, and users who use the beta version can now go to the Microsoft Store to update the calculator application. Graphing Mode will also be pushed to the users of the stable channel after the development is completed.

In fact, the support of graphics functions is still feedback from users to Microsoft, and this feature is actually a very meaningful new feature for junior and high school students.

The new graphics function of this calculator can automatically draw charts. You only need to input corresponding equations or other functions to generate dynamic coordinate diagrams.

You can even fine-tune the parameters to adjust the chart, which will help junior and high school students to understand the influencing factors of different variables in the learning equations.