Windows 10 Build 17004 release: push the system of the Fluent Design


After yesterday’s release of Build 16299 for the Fast channel, today Microsoft again sent Skip Ahead users for the channel to the Windows 10 Build 17004 version update. This version belongs to the Redstone 4 development branch and is a major feature update version of the fall creator update.

Windows 10 Build 17004 did not bring too many new features, mainly to further promote the Fluent Design System design language system and software transformation. The most intuitive change in this version update is the addition of the “Reveal” sliding effects to all application lists in the Start menu.

Reveal animation works first in the Build 16226 version, when the user’s mouse in the entry and other areas when sliding, in order to allow users to know the current focus, the new window perspective effect.


Reveal has both Hover Reveal and Border Reveal. When the mouse hovers or slides on a project, then this behavior will be in the cursor position to form a soft aperture, so that the user to the current cursor position.


And Border Reveal is deployed near the current cursor location elements and elements. For example, in the above case, two white lines are displayed on the rectangle of the entry to allow the user to interact with the current cursor.

Also in this version update, Microsoft’s Edge browser BUG repair and performance enhancement, the main repair as follows:

● Fixed a problem when the URL was entered in the address bar at the time of the new tab and the start page, and the text may not be cleared and the page will be navigated.

● Fixed a situation where the keyboard layout adjustment was unreasonable when the current focus was focused on the address bar in the Edge browser.

● Fixed a PDF file in the preview of the label if it is black Each thumbnail shows the white edge of the problem

● Fix the first time you use Ctrl + F to search, the search box will not get the focus of the problem. At the same time we also fix the Ctrl + F text box may not be in the address bar after entering the text of the problem.

● Fixed an issue that caused the “Open previous tab” to be unable to respond after dragging the tab in the two Edge windows

● Fixed an issue where you could not copy / paste and print a dialog box after using the upgraded YouTube page design.

● Fixed a problem where you can not open a link on a new tab by holding down Ctrl in the PDF file.

● Fixed a problem with closing the page and resuming the rendering of the PDF file.

● Fixed some problems with the use of Alt + D to lock the focus to the address bar if some keyboards were activated.

In addition, this version of the update also made adjustments to the input:

● In Facebook Messenger, the Enter key does not work properly.

● Fixed a problem where the delete key could not be used in the full touch keyboard layout in UWP applications.

● Fixed a problem when selecting long strings in some single-line editable text box.

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