Sat. May 30th, 2020

Windows 10 ARM laptop with Snapdragon “7cx” processor would enable PCs as cheap as $300

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Qualcomm is still committed to bringing the Opteron processor to the desktop and hopes to compete with Intel on the desktop platform. For Qualcomm, the biggest advantage of this type of notebook equipped with an Opteron processor is that it can be used immediately like a smartphone and lasts for a long time. With a mobile network, Windows 10 ARM devices can always be connected to the network, and a laptop is like a smartphone. The biggest shortcoming of Qualcomm is that the performance of the Opteron processor is still not able to compete with Intel, and such notebooks are not cheap at the price. Therefore, in response to these problems, Qualcomm is also researching various solutions, and the ultimate goal is to bring notebooks with lower price advantages and more obvious advantages to consumers.

Snapdragon 8cx 5G

The average price of the Snapdragon laptops that have been launched is around $700-$800. This price is not too high compared with Intel. However, the performance of the current Opteron processor cannot compete with Intel processors, so continuing to sell at a higher price naturally cannot attract potential consumers. However, Qualcomm’s dedicated Snapdragon 8cx processor for desktop platforms is similar to the Intel Core i5 series, and the performance weakness is not too obvious.

So the company is also working on improving and preparing to launch the Opteron 7cx series of processors, which will not degrade much but have a price advantage. Qualcomm’s vice president said that the retail price of Windows 10 ARM notebooks listed in the next few months is expected to fall to around $300.

Qualcomm is currently working with software developers such as Microsoft and Mozilla to make more software compatible with Opteron processors and provide a better experience. In the end, Qualcomm’s participation in the desktop market can also increase the enthusiasm of Intel and AMD, which is a good situation for consumers.

Via: mspoweruser