Windows 10 22H2 will have Universal Print feature

The upcoming Windows 10 22H2 version has no new features worthy of consumer attention, but Microsoft continues to improve printing services in terms of enterprise features. The print service here refers to Microsoft’s recent efforts to develop the Universal Print feature, which first started in Windows 10 version 1903.

Universal Print allows businesses to simplify printing without requiring users to deploy drivers on end devices and simply connect to a compatible public printer. Of course, the premise is that the enterprise must reserve a dedicated server for the printer so that devices in the entire intranet can connect to the printer through the server.

A new feature in Universal Print Services is PIN code confirmation, where the user must enter a matching PIN code when executing a print job before printing can begin. Some would argue that this is to improve security but Microsoft’s idea is to reduce paper and toner waste with password confirmation while giving users better privacy.

The principle is super simple. Compatible printers will generate a 4-7-digit PIN. Users need to enter the PIN for confirmation when using the Universal Print Service. Of course, this function can also be turned off depending on how the enterprise administrator arranges it.

Microsoft has confirmed that this feature will also arrive in Windows 10 version 22H2, which will be officially released later this year.