Windows 10 21H2 aka Windows 10 Version 2106, not version 2103

Windows 10 21H2 aka Windows 10 Version 2106, not version 2103

Although Microsoft has canceled the version number type that uses year plus month for convenience, it is still used by Microsoft internal development engineers.

For example, the official name of Windows 10 v2009 is version 20H2, and Microsoft has not mentioned Version 2009, which is the name of the year and month version.

Some netizens on Twitter have found the version number of the new version next spring through the beta version. The official name of the version should be Windows 10 21H1.

The version number used by internal engineers is Windows 10 Version 2106. What is interesting is that the internal version number of this version is not Version 2103.

Although the names of the next Windows 10 versions are all XX 03 types, the actual release date is around May, and sometimes it may be delayed until June.

And the next Windows 10 version originally launched in the spring of next year becomes XX 06. Does it mean that the version will be released next June? Or continue to postpone the release a few months later?

In fact, we know very little about this information, but what is certain is that version 2106 is a small update without new features, so the development work has been completed.

By the fall of next year, the new version that is expected to be launched around October will have more new features. This version is also the version that Microsoft is currently focusing on.