Which MacBook to Choose for College Student in 2020

Are you wondering which MacBook to choose for college work? In this article, we examine the three best MacBook’s out there, which are perfect for students. Read on to know if you need the power of a MacBook Pro or will an Air model be ok too.

No OS can guarantee the stable security and ease of use that a Mac provides. But that advantage comes at a quite high cost. A MacBook is more expensive than its Windows counterparts. The pleasant experience you have while using a Mac justifies the sum spent on purchasing a device. Instead of saying –write my paper for me cheap, better do your assignments yourself, and save some cash to purchase a high-quality MacBook.

In 2020 Apple has upgraded its MacBook lineup of products. The Coronavirus outbreak has led to more and more families thinking of buying a laptop. The intention is to help students continue their studies unaffected by the disease.

MacBook Air (2020)

The number one MacBook choice for most students out there is the MacBook Air. It not only costs less than the other MacBook models but is lighter as well. True, it lacks the power of the MacBook Pro model, but it’s enough for most purposes. It should serve to complete daily educational and entertainment tasks with ease. If you choose the model variant with a Core i7 Processor, then you also get enough CPU horsepower. The device is sufficient for academic research needed for college homework writing.

The battery provided by this MacBook is enough to last the day as students do their classes. In fact, the Air 2020 model offers a battery life of 12 hours on a single full charge. The model also comes with an enhanced Magic Keyboard. This keyboard, like the Pro model, features a scissor-switch.

To be honest, most students out there don’t really need the power of a MacBook Pro. The extra computing power of the Pro usually serves little purpose for most students. Things change if you are a student of fields like animation or video editing or game development. If this is the case, the following Pro model is a better bet than the air for you.

Apple MacBook Pro (2019)

This MacBook Pro model features the special Magic Keyboard. This keyboard design evolves from the butterfly mechanism and uses scissor switches. A typing experience is much more pleasant. The 16-inch display is bright and sharp. The graphics and computing hardware are powered by Radeon 5300M/5500M and a Core i9.

The device includes a compact and reliable 64GB RAM. The storage is 8TB. For all its power, the device does not compromise on the battery life too much. The battery life lasts for around 11 hours. You can store all the notes and articles you will ever need on this device. You can also endlessly read top writing services reviews and watch movies on this MacBook.

MacBook Air (2017)

Are on a shoestring budget and can’t really afford the price tags of the mentioned MacBook? Then the 2017 Air version is a great option open to you. It comes without some fancy Mac features like the retina display and Touch ID. If you don’t mind an old processor and comparatively limited storage, this is a great option.