Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Western Digital launches SN840 SSD with high-performance PCIe Gen 3

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Storage equipment manufacturer Western Digital has launched the SN840 series high-end solid-state drives for enterprise customers based on SN340 and SN640.

The new series of solid-state drives offer more features, higher performance, and improved durability than previous versions. This is the new solid-state drive used by Western Digital to segment the market.

Of course, this series of hard drives and storage systems are not for ordinary consumers, and they use the U.2 interface/rack design to provide rapid access to data for large enterprises.

Western Digital SN840 SSD
Image: Western Digital

SN840 NVMe solid-state drive comes with PCIe 3.1 (1×4 or 2×2) NVMe™ 1.3c, so the reading and writing speed is much faster than the previous SN640 series.

The reading speed is 3,311 MiB/s and the writing speed is 3,184 MiB/s, random read can reach 780,000 IOPS, random write can reach 257,000 IOPS.

The outstanding performance in IOPS allows the SN840 series to be used in a variety of enterprise high-load environments, such as virtualization, SQL, AI, and machine learning.

The storage capacity of this series starts at 1.92TB and reaches a maximum of 15.36TB. It uses 96-Layer 3D NAND for Ultrastar DC SN840, DC SN640, and DC SN340. The warranty period is a 5-year limited warranty.