Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Vulkan will be supported in the next version of FFmpeg

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Recently, Vulkan is gaining momentum. The game engine, Godot plans to release Vulkan in version 4.0 in the middle of the year, and Raspberry Pi will soon receive Vulkan support. Now we can also see that FFmpeg will also support Vulkan.

Vulkan is the next generation of OpenGL, and like DirectX 12, it is based on AMD’s proprietary Mantle API. The difference is that Vulkan is an open-source graphics API, which promises to greatly improve the performance of 3D applications by giving developers the ability to access the underlying hardware.

Raspberry Pi Vulkan
Khronos Group (uploaded originally by Rfdparker to the English Wikipedia) [Public domain]
According to Phoronix tracking, in the latest FFmpeg source code, many Vulkan codes are integrated, and some filters are added, including avgblur_vulkan, overlay_vulkan, scale_vulkan, and chromaber_vulkan. In addition, there are new options for FFmpeg to choose the Vulkan device adapter to use on the system, and it can be seen that other infrastructures are also improved towards supporting Vulkan and DMA-BUF processing existing in FFmpeg Git.

Therefore, it is predicted that the next version of FFmpeg will support Vulkan, although it may only be preliminary.