Voyager 10.1 Debian Buster released


Voyager is based on  Xubuntu‘s release and self-running CD-ROM, which is used to demonstrate the  Xfce desktop environment. Its features include Avant Window Navigator or AWN (like dock navigation bar), Conky (for the desktop display useful information program), more than 300 can be used as a desktop background photos and animation.

Voyager 10.1 Debian Buster released.


Based on Debian Buster 10 Hybrid, with 3 versions. A unique version Gnome open-source free 64-bit for the purists and 2 variants non-free Gnome and free 64-bit and i386 with all firmware installed for those who have problems of material compatibility with the free version. Versions built around the new office Gnome 3.30 and the Linux kernel 4.19 . Warning, Voyager 10 is only a variant thrust Debian Buster. All the internal structure of Debian 10 is left by default to avoid problems of safety and packages and all updates come from official Debian . It is also an international version for all languages and translations were preserved. Among the new Debian Buster, security is in the spotlight with the support SecureBoot for amd64, i386. This means that users will no longer have to disable support for Secure Boot in the configuration of the firmware. There is also the activation of AppArmoron new installations, the choice of Wayland as the default GNOME display server for the Linux kernel 4.19.0-4. This new distribution uses versions of LTS kernel , resulting in a much better hardware support, and a cycle of 5 years maintenance . The general idea of Voyager Gnome is introduced into the pre-installed extensions and scripts grouped in a box that optimize the system with a choice of software required. All in an ergonomically redesigned.