Valve Releases Steam Deck Compatibility

The first batch of Steam Decks will be shipped with the final payment in a few days, and Valve’s PC handheld is still expected by many players, mainly because the price is not expensive and the performance is not bad, the most important part of the game console is the game, although it is backed by a huge Steam platform, however, because Steam Deck uses the underlying Steam OS of Linux, there will be game compatibility issues. Valve is also very considerate. They have made an online Steam Deck Compatibility tool to help you check whether the games in your Steam library can run on Steam Deck.

Unlike previous Valve’s game compatibility query, this new tool now directly reads the game list in the player’s Steam library to check. So you can clearly see which games you have can run on Steam Deck. There are also four types: VERIFIED, PLAYABLE, UNSUPPORTED, and UNKNOWN. This is still very useful for players who are ready to start Steam Deck.

Since there are relatively few native games on Linux, Steam Deck needs to be compatible with games on the original Windows platform. Valve has adopted Proton technology for this purpose. Compared with other virtual machine methods, the operation efficiency and compatibility of this compatibility layer are very good.