Valve may be preparing to launch a new Deckard VR headset

After Valve launched Index, its own virtual reality headset, in 2019, it appears to be planning to launch a new device, code-named Deckard, even designed to operate independently.

From an earlier application for a design patent at the US Patent and Trademark Office, it is clear that the specific appearance of the new device code-named Deckard is revealed.  It also explains how to fix the headband through the rear of the headset, which obviously provides a more comfortable wearing experience. The gasket part of the mask can also be removed and replaced, which is convenient for different users to wear.

However, the Valve VR patent may not necessarily be the final appearance of the product, and there may still be some differences, but the specific use method should not change.

Valve has not yet revealed the specific design of this virtual reality headset, but it may be announced at an appropriate time. In particular, some developers have begun to find descriptions related to Deckard in the SteamVR test version, indicating that the release time of this product may not be far away.

After the virtual reality market has slowed down much compared to the past few years, companies including Valve, Meta, HTC, Qualcomm, Sony, etc. continue to invest in the development of virtual reality applications, even connecting with the metaverse trend currently advocated by the market. The Deckard VR headset that Valve is expected to launch next may also prepare for the development of metaverse applications and serve as an interactive mode for future games.