Mon. Apr 6th, 2020

UTM Virtual machines for iOS let’s you to run Windows, Android on iPhone/iPad

1 min read

Because Apple’s restrictions on iOS devices can’t tweak all kinds of software like Android, but there are also developers who try to break through Apple’s restrictions through various attempts.

For example, a developer has released open-source software called UTM to build virtual machines on iOS, which can run Windows 10 and Android systems.

Of course, there are still many steps to achieve this goal, but for interested users and developers, you can try this virtual machine application.

Project developers stated that because Apple’s iOS devices lack hardware virtualization support, they cannot directly use virtualization solutions such as KVM.

The UTM virtual machine application performs dynamic transcoding and JIT compilation through the TCG accelerator, and also includes a SPICE client and a QEMU back-end server connection.

The back-end server is compatible and can perform most operations. For example, multiple functions including network connection and a graphical interface can work normally.

Simply put, the application is equivalent to ordinary virtual machine software and can be installed for other operations, including Windows, Android or Linux systems.

The help document shows that the biggest problem with UTM at present is the problem of signatures. Due to Apple restrictions, UTM is unlikely to be able to upload to the application store for users to download.

UTM source code is available on Github.