Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

US government urges allies to ban Huawei equipment

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The Wall Street Journal reported that the US government strongly recommends that its allies ban Huawei in key infrastructure and 5G architecture. The United States highly emphasizes the risks to the national security caused by the use of Huawei equipment and recommends that its allied Internet service providers and telecom operators disable Huawei. Chinese equipment is widely used in many US allies such as Germany, Italy and Japan.

Senior German officials banned Huawei and other Chinese companies from participating in the tender for fear of potential risks to national security.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the US government plans to provide financial assistance to countries that ban Chinese manufacturing equipment in communications development. Germany is not the first country to ban Chinese companies from participating in 5G tenders. Australia and the United States have made the same decision.

Although Huawei has always avoided contact with Chinese intelligence agencies. US officials are still worried about the use of Chinese communications equipment in countries where other US military bases such as Germany, Italy and Japan are stationed.