Ubuntu Core 20 released, born for the secure Internet of Things

Ubuntu Core 20 is the smallest containerized version of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS for IoT devices and embedded systems, and it is now fully available. Canonical said that this major version enhances device security through the secure boot, full disk encryption, and secure device recovery. Ubuntu Core is built on the basis of the Ubuntu application ecosystem to create ultra-secure smart things.

Canonical said that Ubuntu Core 20 enables innovators to create highly secure content, fully focus on their own unique features and applications, and have restrictions and security updates built into the operating system.

Ubuntu Core 20 solves the design, development, and maintenance costs of security devices through regular, automatic, and reliable updates. Canonical works with chip suppliers and ODMs to simplify the entire process of bringing new devices to market.

Strictly restrict and isolate all snapshots on the Ubuntu Core device, thereby limiting the damage of the damaged application. Provable software integrity and secure boot can prevent unauthorized software installation and have a hardware root of trust. Full disk encryption simplifies privacy requirements for sensitive consumer, industrial, healthcare, or smart city applications.

According to Canonical, Ubuntu Core is widely available and has been certified on popular x86 and ARM single-board computers, making it available to everyone. Canonical guarantees the safety of critical business equipment for up to 10 years.