Ubuntu 18.04 focus on system stability and reliability, will synchronize the Debian software library

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After announcing the launch of the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) development, Canonical is planning to synchronize new packages from the Debian Testing (Buster) release. Ubuntu Desktop project leader Will Cooke in the weekly said Ubuntu 18.04 focus on system stability and reliability to optimize, but in the development process will introduce some new features.


Will Cooke wrote in the latest weekly newspaper: “In the early stages of development we will spend about a week to clean up the various problems that exist in Ubuntu 17.10. After properly processing the BUG we found, we will be ready to synchronize from Debian New software packages. As you know, Ubuntu 18.04 is a long supported version, so stability and reliability are our themes, but we also add some new features.”

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