Tue. Jun 2nd, 2020

Ubuntu 17.10 Dock: based on Dash to Dock transformation

1 min read

There is news that the Ubuntu Desktop team is inside the Dash to Dock (popular GNOME Shell expansion) based on the transformation. Quoted OMGUbuntu reported that the branch name “Ubuntu Dock”, will be the first to deploy on the Ubuntu 17.10 desktop system.



Natural and standard version of the Dash to Dock there are some differences, Ubuntu Dock has been removed from the set UI. Setting options in the Standard Edition allow the user to adjust the Dock page location, size, action, appearance, and various functional preferences. The Ubuntu Dock will integrate these settings into the system native settings interface, but you can use the dconf-editor tool to adjust the settings.

Ubuntu Dock’s default settings include:

● Default full height

● Fixed width

● Dock opacity is 70%

● Use Ubuntu colored pointers to represent running applications or windows

● Reduce the spatial distance between the icons / starters