TSMC has made a major breakthrough in the 2nm process and will conduct trial production in 2023

TSMC, which focuses on chip technology, is currently developing on the hard bones of the 2nm process. Now Taiwan media has reported that TSMC has made a breakthrough in the new process.

At present, the industry’s leading use is mainly the 7-nanometer process. Although TSMC’s 5-nanometer process has been mass-produced, the production capacity is mainly won by customers such as Apple.

For TSMC, no matter what the market situation is, the research and development of new technologies cannot be delayed, so TSMC is not only providing 5nm production capacity but also studying the 2nm process.

Taiwanese media reported that TSMC has made major breakthroughs. If it goes well, TSMC will conduct risky trial production in 2023 and mass production in 2024.

TSMC 2nm chip

In terms of technology, TSMC has abandoned the FinFET technology that has lasted for many years and has not adopted Samsung’s surround-gate field-effect transistor technology.

TSMC is developing MBCFET multi-bridge channel FET crystal based on the surrounding gate FET technology. Samsung is currently actively conducting research and development of this technology.

Multi-bridge channel field effect tube crystal technology can form nano-sheets, which can significantly reduce power consumption and improve performance, while also reducing the chip area.

Analysts said that TSMC will continue to expand its lead with competitors and continue Moore’s Law, while TSMC will also advance to the 1nm process technology.

Via: techpowerup