TrendForce: Revenue of the top 10 IC design companies for 2Q21 reached $29.8 billion

According to the latest statistics from TrendForce, semiconductor production capacity is still in short supply, and chip prices continue to rise, driving the world’s top ten IC design companies’ revenue to $29.8 billion in the second quarter of 2021, an annual increase of 60.8%.

According to the data, among the top ten IC design companies, Qualcomm ranks first in terms of revenue, and its processor and RF front-end businesses have experienced strong revenue growth. Nvidia continues to benefit from gaming graphics and data center revenue, ranking second. The third place is Broadcom, whose main revenue comes from wired network communications and wireless chips. In addition, MediaTek and Novatek also performed very well, with annual growth rates exceeding 95%.

TrendForce stated that overall, despite the decline in demand for some parts and components in the third quarter, the new capacity of the foundry has not yet been opened at this stage, so the semiconductor shortage will continue. It is expected that the revenue of each company will continue to grow in the second half of the year