Transforming a laptop motherboard into a desktop, Cooler Master and Framework collaboratively unveil an elegant case

A few days ago, we reported on the news regarding the Framework Laptop 16. Naturally, as they launch new products, they have also updated the hardware of their 13-inch notebook. Owing to their modular design philosophy, the hardware upgrade for the Framework Laptop 13 is also based on kits, allowing users to individually upgrade the screen, motherboard, battery, or other components.

For the replaced hardware, Framework has its own approach. According to Liliputing, they have partnered with Cooler Master to introduce the Cooler Master Mainboard Case. This is a compact, plastic case measuring only 297 x 133 x 15mm. It can accommodate an entire Framework Laptop 13 motherboard and leaves room for the installation of a wireless network card.

The case’s top cover features a semi-transparent design with button structures, enabling users to easily start the machine and monitor its operation. Thanks to the tidy design of Framework’s motherboard, the mini PC appears quite futuristic. Moreover, similar to the modular I/O interfaces of the Framework Laptop 13, this case also supports I/O interface modules. These modules ultimately connect to the motherboard via USB Type-C interfaces, and users are not required to purchase corresponding modules; they can simply use any available Type-C expansion docks.

Considering the needs of some users, Cooler Master has also designed VESA 100 x 100mm mounting holes on the bottom of the case. This means that the case can be mounted on compatible brackets or displays for use.

Currently, this case has no specific price or release date; it is simply listed on Framework’s official website. Interested users can enter their email addresses to receive notifications about their availability. Cooler Master has previously manufactured unconventional cases as well. When Intel introduced the NUC 9 Extreme Kit, Cooler Master also released the compatible NC100 case.