September 26, 2020

TIOBE Index for June 2019: Python continues to soar in the TIOBE index

1 min read

The TIOBE programming language rankings have been released in June. The top ten are Java, C, Python, C++, Visual Basic .NET, C#, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and assembly language. Highlights worthy of attention include:

  • Python ranks once again beyond C++, taking third place
  • Swift almost advances into the top ten
  • Go jumped to 15th this month
  • The PHP ranking has increased by one compared with the previous month, but the overall trend is decreasing.

Python’s ranking changes are especially noteworthy. TIOBE’s assessment of this month is that its TIOBE index has continued to soar, setting a new record. According to past data, Python’s TIOBE index set a record high this month, reaching 8.530%, far exceeding C++’s 7.384%. TIOBE even believes that if Python can maintain this growth rate, it has the opportunity to replace C and Java in the TIOBE language leaderboard in three to four years, making it the world’s most popular programming language.

Speaking of why Python’s rankings have risen so fast, TIOBE believes that the main reason is that software engineering is booming, and Python attracts many newcomers into the development arena.