Third-generation iPhone SE is expected to be released in April or May

Apple’s flagship iPhone digital series is released in the fall of each year, while the iPhone SE series with a small screen design is released in the spring of each year. According to previous reports, Apple will launch a third-generation iPhone SE this year. For example, the first-generation iPhone SE was released in March 2016, and the iPhone SE2 was released in April 2020.

Now the specific release time of the iPhone SE3 has also been revealed, reports from Macrumors, well-known industry consultant @Ross Young broke the news that the Third-generation iPhone SE is expected to be released in the second half of April, or perhaps in early May at the latest. In addition, the consultant also said that Apple’s suppliers have already started producing display panels for the iPhone SE3, and the final assembly of the device may be in March.

As for the configuration of the iPhone SE3, according to previous online revelations, it will maintain the same design style as the previous generation, using a 4.7-inch small screen design, but with an upgrade in performance. It will be equipped with the same A15 Bionic chip as the iPhone 13 and support 5G networks.

The new generation of iPhone SE will not be able to run at this year’s Apple’s spring conference, but this conference will definitely show other Apple new products, which is worth looking forward to. In fact, Apple will have a variety of products unveiled at the annual spring conference, such as the iPad product line. Last year’s spring conference, Apple launched the new M1 iPad Pro, 24-inch iMac, Apple TV 4K, AirTag, and other products, and also launched a new purple color scheme for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini.