ThermalTake releases the ARGENT P900 smart gaming table

Thermaltake announced the launch of the ARGENT P900 smart gaming table. This is a smart, personalized gaming table designed by STUDIO F. A. PORSCHE, is very different from other products on the market today, not only with a wide range of functions but also with these functions to improve the efficiency of daily work.

Image: Thermaltake

The ARGENT P900 smart gaming table has a built-in control unit and an RGB desktop mobile app, an app exclusively developed for the new product, that can easily adjust the height of the table and RGB lighting effects. Its preset four height profiles are 70 cm, 80 cm, 90 cm, and 100 cm, and the application allows users to quickly switch remotely at the touch of a button. There is also a control panel on the table, which also displays height information, and users can also enter the desired height and save the settings for easy adjustment.

The ARGENT P900 smart gaming table is also equipped with anti-collision safety sensors, which automatically detect whether there are obstacles on the table during the lifting process to avoid injury or accidents. At the same time, the table is equipped with an RGB light strip, which is located at the rear, and the light will be projected on the wall to show a gorgeous RGB lighting effect. Users can customize, control and synchronize the lighting effect through the RGB desktop mobile application or iTAKE Engine Software.

This smart gaming table is divided into two layers, the size of the lower table top is 165cm x 85cm, the upper second space is 61.3cm x 7.3cm, and the surface is made of carbon fiber. Thermaltake says the upper space is ideal for display placement, especially for dual-monitor setups. In addition, the ARGENT P900 smart gaming table is also equipped with a cable management system that facilitates cable management. There is a headphone holder on the left and a cup holder on the right, all of which are very user-friendly and convenient designs.

Thermaltake provides a two-year warranty for the ARGENT P900 smart gaming table, but the price and availability are not yet known.