Thermaltake launches TOUGHFAN EX12/14 Pro fans

In June of the preceding year, Thermaltake heralded the launch of its novel SteelSeries TOUGHFAN 12/14 Pro fans. These fans boast uniquely designed blades constructed from robust and stable Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) material, resulting in a more compact and efficient overall structure. They are capable of delivering enhanced airflow and static pressure, significantly augmenting the overall intake efficiency.

Recently, Thermaltake has further refined its design aesthetics and installation versatility by introducing the new SteelSeries TOUGHFAN EX12/14 Pro fans. This advancement builds upon the foundation of the TOUGHFAN 12/14 Pro fans, incorporating SWAFAN EX’s magnetic modular assembly and interchangeable blade design. The product has made its debut on the official website, though its price remains undisclosed.

The SteelSeries TOUGHFAN EX12/14 Pro features the updated MagForce 2.0 magnetic modular design and doubles the contact surface area of the Pogo pin magnetic contacts. Whether assembling fans or connecting via magnetic links, this innovation ensures ease and security, freeing users from the cumbersome constraints of traditional wiring. Each triple pack includes three magnetic connection cables. Furthermore, the fans incorporate an interchangeable blade design, allowing users to install blades in standard or reverse orientation. This not only optimizes fan performance but also guarantees an aesthetically pleasing frontal view. Additionally, the ease of blade removal for water rinsing facilitates straightforward cleaning and maintenance.

Equipped with nine widened blades, identical to those of the TOUGHFAN 12/14 Pro, the SteelSeries TOUGHFAN EX12/14 Pro can achieve a maximum rotational speed of 2000 RPM±10%, with maximum airflow rates of 70.8/119.6 CFM and peak static pressures of 3.19/3.57 mmH2O, corresponding to noise levels of 22.6/31.6 dB(A). Reversing the blades slightly reduces these metrics, with maximum airflow rates of 64.21/102.3 CFM, peak static pressures of 2.60/2.95 mmH2O, and noise levels of 29.8/34.1 dB(A).

A novel square fan frame design endows the SteelSeries TOUGHFAN EX12/14 Pro with minimal gaps, while its angled rear edges significantly minimize air leakage and enhance compatibility with computer cases or liquid cooling radiators. The blades are made from durable and stable Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP), which reduces vibration at full speed and maintains exceptionally low noise levels. Additionally, each corner of the fan is equipped with anti-vibration rubber pads made from a durable rubber material, providing excellent shock absorption, ensuring smooth internal operation, and reducing the noise generated by resonance between the fan and the case.